Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spanish Civil Guards detain two Moroccans for justifying acts of ISIS/ISIL

Spanish Civil Guards on Tuesday confirmed the arrest of two Moroccans on the island of Ibiza on charges of glorification and justification for the acts of the Islamic State (IS), as well as attempting to indoctrinate and recruit new members for the organization.

The Civil Guard explained that both of the detainees, aged 31 and 35, began increasing their activity on the Internet in 2012, with one detainee using his Facebook page to spread IS propaganda and "promote feelings of hate, segregation and violence against those they describe as the 'enemies of Islam'."

The duo worked as preachers in the Masllid al Fath Mosque on the island, "from where they used their influence over the members of the Muslim community on the island."

The Civil Guard describe this as "one of the most worrying aspects for investigators," especially considering "the number of minors who attended their classes at the mosque."

Tuesday's arrests bring the number of extremists arrested in Spain to 156 since the country instated a level four anti-terrorist alert in 2015.

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