Monday, March 16, 2015

Maduro Granted Power to Rule by Decree

Venezuela's parliament granted President Nicolas Maduro new powers Sunday, enabling him to legislate by decree until the end of the year. He says parliament's action Sunday allows him to defend the country from threats from the U.S. government.

Maduro asked for the expanded powers after the U.S. placed sanctions on several Venezuelan officials accused of human rights violations.

Opposition leaders say the new powers are nothing more than a power grab designed to detract attention from Venezuela's domestic issues, including food shortages.

The president said he has prepared a letter for "the people of the United States," denouncing what he said is U.S. aggression in Venezuela.

“I have a letter ready for the people of the United States and President Obama telling them the truths of Venezuela, denouncing the aggression of the decree that he signed, demanding in the moral name of the people of Bolivar that Barack Obama repeals the presidential decree that threatens our country,” said Maduro.


  1. The Venezuelan parliament has approved a law giving President Nicolas Maduro the power to legislate by decree for nine months in the face of what the president described as threats by the US government...

    The so-called "anti-imperialist" law will be in effect from the time it is published in Venezuela's Official Gazette until December 31.

    Maduro requested the expanded powers in response to new US sanctions on Venezuelan officials accused of human rights violations.

    Critics of Venezuela's government have called the move a power grab..............

  2. Venezuela: le président Nicolas Maduro obtient des pouvoirs spéciaux...

    Le président du Venezuela Nicolas Maduro a obtenu dimanche de l'Assemblée nationale à Caracas des pouvoirs spéciaux qui lui permettront de gouverner par décret jusqu'à la fin de l'année en matière de sécurité et de défense face à "l'agression impérialiste" des Etats-Unis............


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