Thursday, September 10, 2020

Taliban Confirms Intra-Afghan Talks Will Begin on Saturday

Taliban Confirms Intra-Afghan Talks Will Begin on Saturday
The Taliban on Thursday confirmed that the intra-Afgan peace talks will begin on Saturday.
Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem Wardak wrote on Twitter that the opening ceremony of the talks will take place on Saturday, 12 September.

Later in the day, the Taliban's political office affirmed its readiness to take part in the longed-for event in.

"In line with the agreement signed between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [Taliban] and the United States of America, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would like to declare its readiness to partake in the inauguration ceremony of Intra-Afghan Negotiations that shall be held in Qatar on the 24th of Muharram-ul-Haram 1442 Hijri Lunar, corresponding with 12/09/2020 and 22/06/1339," Spokesman of Political Office Muhammad Naeem said in a statement.

The spokesman added that the Taliban movement was going to bring peace that would live up to its religious values and national interests.

The Afghan government, in turn, has once again reiterated its readiness to participate in the talks.

"The Afghan government has made all the necessary arrangements for peace and the negotiating team of the Afghan government is fully prepared to travel to Doha for the start of the peace negotiations with the Taliban group," presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi wrote on Twitter.

He added that the government delegation would depart to Doha on Friday.


  1. Intra-Afghan negotiations to reach peace between the Kabul administration and the Taliban movement started in Qatar’s Doha on Saturday, a Sputnik correspondent reported...

    Both sides have sent delegations of more than 20 people to participate in talks.

    Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, who leads the government's delegation, has said that the country intends to end the decades-long war and reach "an agreement on long-lasting peace".

    Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged the sides to strike the deal, adding that the country should protect the rights of all Afghans.

    "We will undoubtedly counter many challenges in the talks over the coming days, weeks and months. Remember you are acting not only for this generation of Afghans but for future generations as well, your children and your grandchildren", he noted.

  2. At least five police officers were killed when the Taliban attacked the Shinwari checkpoint outside the city of Kunduz in Afghanistan, Hijratullah Akbari, a spokesman for the Kunduz police chief, said...

    The attack occurred late on Saturday night. According to Akbari, three Afghan National Police and two local policemen were killed and four other law enforcement members were injured, while one tank was destroyed. He added that the Afghan forces have regained control of the checkpoint.

    At the same time, one policeman was killed and three others were injured when a car bomb exploded at a security checkpoint in the Maiwand District in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar Province, a security source told Sputnik.


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