Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Turkish MPs insult Syrian high delegation in Asian Parliamentary Assembly meeting

The Turkish delegation insulted the Syrian high-level delegation by claiming that there is no place for Syria in the Asian Parliamentary Assembly meeting and Syria should not have been allowed to participate in the meeting going on in Islamabad.

The insult was responded by strong reaction from Speaker of the People's Council of Syria and also the Iraqi delegation during the APA summit.

In her reaction to the insult by the Turkish delegation, Speaker of the People's Council of Syria Hadiya Khalaf Abbas said that if Syria is suffering from terrorism, Turkey must respond to the question that which countries have opened their borders to facilitate terrorists’ entry into Syria.

Syrian speaker also appreciated Iran and Russia as the main supporters of the Syrian government and people against terrorism in the current critical situation.

The Iraqi delegation also reacted against Turkish delegation and said that the APA meeting is not a place for insulting the attending delegations. Iraqis said those delegations who are insulting the other delegations in the meeting had better leave the meeting.

A meeting of Special Committee on Creation of Asian Parliament (SCCAP) and APA Standing Committee on Political Affairs (SCPA) is going on in Islamabad and delegations from over 20 countries are participating in the meeting.

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