Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Berlin mulls ‘no deportation’ decree for rejected asylum seekers attacked by far-right

Germany’s federal state of Berlin is mulling a special “decree” to halt or drop a deportation of rejected asylum seekers if they have been subjected to far-right violence, the state’s interior minister confirmed.

In an interview to Germany’s Tagesspiegel, Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said such refugees need “double protection.”

The plan would be “a strong political signal to all those who think ‘who wants to expel refugees from the country should attack them’,” Geisel said.

“Here I say ‘No’. Whoever is subjected to far-right violence [enjoys] double protection from us and will not be deported,” Geisel said. Berlin authorities are now checking whether a special “decree” is needed to implement the proposal.

In certain cases (such as far-right abuse), Berlin may already drop deportation of a rejected refugee on the basis of existing laws and rulings on asylum seekers, yet there is no special decree on that. Berlin is the latest German state to mull such a plan after the neighboring federal state of Brandenburg did so late last year.

Back then, Brandenburg’s authorities issued a decree to the federal states’ Foreign Office allowing rejected asylum seekers, who were attacked on the “racist grounds” to stay in Germany until at least the investigations against the perpetrators are completed. In certain cases, the refugee victims can be granted a residence permit as “compensation.”

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