Friday, January 27, 2023

China calls on US occupation forces to stop plundering of natural resources in Syria

China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nation has called for an immediate end to the illegal presence of US military forces and their continuing plundering of natural resources and wheat crops in Syria, stressing that unilateral Western sanctions against the Arab nation must be fully lifted.

The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria must be effectively respected. The illegal stationing and military operations of foreign troops in Syria must end, and the illegal plundering of natural resources in Syria by foreign troops must stop immediately, Dai Bing said.

Dai added that unilateral sanctions and the resulting over-compliance run counter to the efforts of the Security Council and the wider international community to improve humanitarian access and increase humanitarian resources in Syria.

“China once again calls on relevant countries to immediately and fully lift unilateral sanctions against Syria,” he said.

 Dai made the remarks as the UN Security Council held a briefing on the political and humanitarian situation in Syria on Wednesday. It adopted Resolution 2672 on January 9, allowing the delivery of UN cross-border aid into Syria to continue for a further six months.

The top Chinese diplomat called on the international community to make greater efforts within the next six months to ensure that the resolution is fully and effectively implemented.


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