Thursday, July 4, 2024

Hurricane Beryl strikes Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico brace for impact

Category 4 Hurricane Beryl devastated the southern coast of Jamaica on Wednesday evening. The Cayman Islands and Mexico are bracing to be next. 

Hurricane Beryl thrashed Jamaica with heavy winds and rain on Wednesday, killing at least one person after forging a destructive, water-soaked path across smaller Caribbean islands over the past couple days.

The death toll from the powerful Category 4 hurricane climbed to at least 10, but it is widely expected to rise further as communications come back online across drenched islands damaged by flooding and deadly winds.

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  1. Cat 4 Hurricane Beryl could bear down on Texas threatening oil refineries

    On Wednesday, Mexico's Meteorological Service posted a hurricane warning for the coast of the Yucatán peninsula from Puerto Costa Maya to Cancún.

    After the Yucatán Peninsula, Beryl's forecasted path heads directly to the Texas coast and is expected to move up towards Louisiana. This area is home to major US oil and gas refineries.


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