Friday, June 2, 2023

Several Ukrainian drones shot down near Kursk

Several Ukrainian drones were shot down near Kursk. This was announced by the governor of the region Roman Starovoit.

    “Several Ukrainian drones were shot down by the air defense system near Kursk tonight,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Information about the victims, as well as the exact number of UAVs shot down, is not given.

The governor asked the people of Kursk to remain calm, as the city is under the reliable protection of the military. The discovery of suspicious items must be reported to the 112 service.


  1. Несколько украинских беспилотников сбиты в ночь на пятницу рядом с Курском. Об этом сообщил губернатор Курской области Роман Старовойт.

  2. Ночью жители нескольких районов Курска услышали взрывы и увидели яркую вспышку. Губернатор Курской области Роман Старовойт заявил, что система ПВО сбила несколько украинских беспилотников

  3. An unidentified object fell in a forest in Russia's Kaluga region and exploded, regional head Vladislav Shapsha said on Friday.

    "Today at 06:45, an unidentified object fell in the forest of the Kaluga Region’s Kirov district. As a result, there was an explosion," Shapsha wrote on his Telegram channel.

    He specified that no one was injured in the incident. No facilities or residential buildings were damaged.

  4. Two long-range drones attacked fuel and energy complex facilities in the Smolensk Region on Friday night, there were no casualties or critical damage, the region's acting governor Vasily Anokhin said.

    "Today, around 3 a.m., two long-range drones attacked facilities of the fuel and energy complex in the village of Peresna in the Pochinkovsky district and in the village of Divasi in the Smolensk district. There were no casualties or injuries. No critical damage or fires either," Anokhin wrote on his Telegram channel.

    According to the acting head of the region, the operational services are working on site to eliminate the consequences. The distance from the villages to the Russian-Ukrainian border exceeds 300 km.


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