Saturday, July 2, 2022

US Announces $820 Million Military Aid Package for Ukraine

The United States announced details Friday of $820 million in additional military aid for Ukraine, including new surface-to-air missile systems and counter-artillery radar.

The latest aid package is designed to help Ukraine counter Russia's use of long-range missiles and follows calls by Ukrainian officials for Western countries to send more advanced weapons systems that can better match Moscow's equipment.

The Pentagon said Friday the Biden administration has now sent $7.6 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, including nearly $7 billion since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.

U.S. President Joe Biden said at a news conference during this week's NATO summit in Madrid that the United States is "going to support Ukraine as long as it takes."

The 14th U.S. package of military aid for Ukraine include two air defense systems, known as NASAMS, which can help Ukrainian forces defend against cruise missiles and aircraft.

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