Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Lavrov: Putin-Macron call leak breached ‘diplomatic etiquette’

Russia’s Lavrov has said that the publication of a call between President Emmanuel Macron and Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a breach of “diplomatic etiquette”.

 “Diplomatic etiquette does not provide for unilateral leaks of (such) recordings,” Lavrov said on a trip to Vietnam. Lavrov added that Russia had nothing to be ashamed of from the content of the conversation between the two leaders.

The details of the confidential call days before Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine were revealed by the broadcaster France 2 in a documentary on the French president’s handling of the conflict.

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  1. The partial release of a confidential conversation between Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Emmanuel Macron of France in the French media is perplexing and unethical, Russian Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesman Alexey Zaitsev said at a briefing on Wednesday.

    "The partial release of the February 20 phone call between the presidents of Russia and France in the French media is certainly puzzling. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time when the details of a conversation between the two countries’ leaders, which is confidential by definition, became available to the general public. We believe that it is unacceptable and unethical to make such sensitive information public," he emphasized. "In our view, it’s not in line with the common diplomatic practice of high-level contacts," Zaitsev added.


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