Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The ruins of Raqqa: Washington coalition completely destroyed Raqqa city, committed horrific massacres against the Syrians

Syria’s Permanent Representatives at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari
Syria’s Permanent Representatives at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the US-led “international coalition” had completely destroyed Raqqa city under the pretext of fighting Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organizations, SANA reported.

During a UN Security Council session held on Tuesday for discussing humanitarian situation in the city of Raqqa and al-Rukban refugee camp on the border with Jordan upon the request of Russia, al-Jaafari thanked Russia for requesting to hold this session on the situation in Raqqa, noting that “Raqqa is a martyred city that has been destroyed fully by the forces of the US and its alleged coalition under the pretext of fighting terrorism.”

Syria’s Representative said that the UN assessment mission to Raqqa said in its report that the city is facing a critical situation which necessitates its full reconstruction and restructuring the public services.

The report also said that members of the mission saw the bulk of destruction affected the city as each building is either completely destroyed or partially damaged. The city lacks water, electricity, and mobile communications, and all the hospitals and infirmaries were destroyed, leaving the city without any operational hospital.

Al-Jaafari said that what had happened in Raqqa city is a one example of the crimes perpetrated by the US-led coalition under the pretext of combating terrorism while the goal of this coalition has never been fighting terrorism; its goal was undermining the sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Syria and weakening power of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies....


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