Thursday, March 8, 2018

Iran defends missile program as safeguarding peace

Iran defends missile program as safeguarding peace
Iranian President on Wednesday rejected Israeli Prime Minister's claims that the Islamic republic and its missile program is a "threat" to the region.

The development of Iran's missile program is aimed at safeguarding peace and security in the region, and "Iran will strongly defend its rights," Rouhani said during a cabinet session.

"Those who have over the past 70 years created tension, launched wars and caused destruction in the region and have committed genocide and caused Sabra and Shatila (massacre) are in no position to portray Iran as a threat," said Rouhani.

"Iran is no threat to anyone. Iran is (the pillar) of stability and security for the entire region," Rouhani said.

On Wednesday, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Hossein Salami, said that Iran would not stop increasing its defensive power, including missile capabilities.

The world should accept the emergence of Iran as the country enjoys both "logic and deterrent power," said Salami.

Iran's defensive power is "neither negotiable nor stoppable," he said, adding that likewise, Iran's "missile program will not be negotiated with any world power."

Also, the Commander of the Aerospace Division of the IRGC Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that Iran's missile production has increased three-fold over the past years.

Hajizadeh said that the enemy's attempts to hinder the progress of Iran's defense capabilities have been in vain.

"Despite the hostilities by the enemies, the pace of defense development in the country has increased," Hajizadeh said.

Besides, the institutions of the Islamic establishments, including the government and the parliament, are united against pressures from the West regarding the missile issue, he said.

Hence, "our missile production has increased three-fold over the past years," he added.

The Iranian commander criticized what he called the "U.S. double standards" over the arms programs, saying that while the United States boosts its atomic weapons on a daily basis, it pressed Iran to give up defensive missile program.

He said that the Islamic republic will resist the enmity of Washington which "has opened a front against us."

On Monday, the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said that the missile program of the Islamic republic is not a threat to any country.

Iran would boost its defensive power including the missile capabilities, and its deterrent plan will not be affected by the political pressures.

Shamkhani made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in the capital Tehran.

Pushed by the U.S., Europe has stepped up its pressure on Iran to start negotiations on the country's developing missile program.

Iran has reiterated that its military forces will continue boosting the country's defense capabilities and deterrent power.

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