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International community to take steps to stop it immediately : Syria strongly condemns Turkish aggression on Afrin

Syria strongly condemns Turkish aggression on Afrin
Syria strongly condemns the Turkish aggression on the city of Afrin, calling on the international community to take steps to stop it immediately.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Saturday that the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns the flagrant Turkish aggression on the city of Afrin, which is an integral part of Syrian territory, stressing that this aggression is the most recent in a series of Turkish transgressions against Syrian sovereignty.

  • The source affirmed that Syria refutes the claims made by Turkey about it being notified of this military operation, saying that these claims are part of the series of lies that the Turkish government continues to spout.

The source concluded by saying that Syria demands that the international community condemn this aggression and take the necessary steps to stop it immediately.



  1. The U.S. Defense Department on Friday dismissed comments that a Turkish military operation against the PYD/PKK-held city of Afrin in northern Syria would throw diplomatic relations between Ankara and Washington into chaos.

    “One action does not typically result in chaos or a breakdown. We have regular communication with our ally Turkey,” Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told Anadolu Agency, adding he would not even pass judgement on such extreme remarks.

    Pahon’s comments follow remarks by some unnamed American officials to CNN that a military operation by Turkey in Afrin could undermine the fight against Daesh, spark a regional clash and throw diplomatic relations between the U.S. and its NATO ally into chaos.

    “We talk about these things. That is [part of] being allies. Allies do not always see eye to eye, but they are willing to work together,” Pahon reiterated.

    “In Afrin in particular, we do not have people operating in Afrin, so that does not directly affect what we are doing. We would like to see everybody maintain their focus on our main goal -- the defeat of ISIS,” said Pahon, using another acronym for Daesh.

  2. Turkish Prime Minsiter Binali Yildrim stated that nearly all targets had been destroyed with air strikes as part of the military operation in Syria's Afrin...

    Turkey's Prime Minister said in a statement that land forces are expected to carry out "necessary operations" in Syria's Afrin on Sunday depending on developments in the region.

    "Today our air force hit most of the designated targets. Tomorrow, depending on the circumstances, out ground forces will carry out the necessary work. They will move together with the Free Syria Army," Yildirim told reporters.

  3. Responding to reports of Russia withdrawing its forces from Afrin, Pahon said “that is a deal between Russia, the [Syrian] regime and Turkey. We are not involved in it”.

    The Pentagon had previously stated that the U.S. did not consider the PYD/PKK elements in Afrin as part of anti-Daesh operations.

  4. Turkey is notifying the Syrian regime on Afrin operation through letters, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşğlu said on Jan. 20 in a televised interview with T24.

    Turkey had to reach out Syria, a U.N. member, even if through letters, Çavuşoğlu said in another interview with broadcaster NTV on the same day.

    However, Syria begged to differ.

  5. Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday sent a note to Syria's Consulate in Istanbul about military operation in Afrin region, according to a diplomatic official.

    The official, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on talking to the media, said the note was sent by Turkish Foreign Ministry's Istanbul branch.

    They said Turkey's Permanent Mission to the UN also wrote a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and UN Security Council president, informing them about the operation's objectives and legal bases UN.

    1. Le régime syrien a nié samedi avoir été informé par Ankara de l'opération militaire turque contre Afrine, une région contrôlée par les Kurdes dans le nord de la Syrie en guerre.

  6. Medios kurdos han informado de que al menos 6 civiles y 3 combatientes kurdos han muerto como resultado de un ataque aéreo perpetrado por cazas F-16 turcos contra la ciudad siria de Afrín (noroeste del país), poblada en su mayoría por kurdos sirios.

    1. Five Syrian civilians were wounded on Saturday in a Turkish bombardment on the outskirts of Syria’s Kurdish-held northwest city of Afrin, local authorities there said.

      In an online statement which Kurdistan 24 received a copy of, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)—which the People’s Protection Units (YPG) is a leading component—said the Turkish army launched airstrikes on some residential areas of Afrin and wounded five people.

      “The Turkish authorities began using the Turkish army in a war of aggression against our people in Afrin targeting civilian neighborhoods,” the YPG statement read.

    2. Les raids aériens ont coûté la vie à six civils et trois combattants kurdes à Afrin, a déclaré un porte-parole des forces kurdes...

      Une centaine de cibles liées aux YPG (Unités de protection du peuple) ont été visées par les avions de combat turcs, a dit l'armée turque dans un communiqué.

    3. 6 civilians died, 13 injured in Turkey’s operation – YPG

      Syrian Kurdish militia in Afrin said six civilians died and 13 injured during Turkish airstrikes near villages and Afrin town centre, three of the injured are in critical condition.

      Three Kurdish militants from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) also died during the attacks, a statement published by Kurdish news agency ANF said.

  7. Près de 500 combattants syriens ont achevé samedi dans le nord-est de la Syrie un entraînement en vue de participer à une force controversée supervisée par la coalition internationale antijihadistes et qui doit être déployée à la frontière avec la Turquie...

    La coalition internationale a annoncé le 14 janvier qu'elle oeuvrait à la création d'une force frontalière de 30.000 hommes dont la mission sera d'assurer la sécurité dans les territoires repris au groupe jihadiste Etat islamique (EI) en Syrie.

    La moitié des combattants seront issus des Forces démocratiques syriennes, une alliance de combattants kurdes et arabes alliée de Washington. L'autre moitié sera composée de nouvelles recrues, arabes et kurdes.

    Vêtus de treillis, les combattants se sont engagés à protéger les frontières du pays "contre toute attaque ou menace", sous le regard des formateurs des FDS et de la coalition internationale.

    Les membres de cette force seront déployés du nord-est du pays jusqu'au nord-ouest, tout le long de la frontière avec la Turquie, dans des territoires contrôlés par les Kurdes, a ajouté le responsable.

    "Leur mission est de protéger la frontière, surtout des menaces venant de la Turquie et de ses mercenaires", a-t-il poursuivi.

    Une offensive terrestre a été lancée contre Afrine samedi, une région tenue par les YPG dans le nord-ouest de la Syrie.

  8. El Estado Mayor General de Turquía ha anunciado el exitoso regreso a sus aeródromos de los 72 aviones de combate participantes en la primera jornada del operativo denominado 'Rama de Olivo' contra los "terroristas" en la ciudad siria de Afrín. Según informa el periódico Hürriyet, en los aeródromos los aviones se prepararán para las misiones posteriores.

    Los militares turcos destruyeron 108 de los 113 objetivos designados. El Gobierno sirio condenó la agresión turca contra Afrín.

  9. The Turkish government’s forces perpetrated a new transgression against Syrian sovereignty by shelling with various types of weapons a number of villages and towns in the provinces of Aleppo and Hasaka, injuring 7 civilians and causing considerable damage to houses.

    Local sources in Afrin area in Aleppo’s northern countryside told SANA that Turkish forces targeted with various types of weapons villages and towns in Afrin area, injuring 7 civilians including 2 children, in addition to causing material damage.

    In Hasaka countryside, local sources said that Turkish forces fired artillery and tank shells at Kharab Rashk village near al-Malikiye town northeast of Hasaka, causing material damage and killing cattle.

  10. The Pentagon spokesperson Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, when asked about the comments with regards to Turkish operation into Afrin, sent a statement via email:

    “We encourage all parties to avoid escalation and to focus on the most important task of defeating ISIS.

    We recognize Turkey's security concerns about the PKK, a US-designated foreign terrorist organization. The US does not provide any support to PKK.

    The US-led Coalition does not have operations ongoing in Afrin because it is focused on military operations against ISIS.”

  11. "Out of 113 designated targets of the Democratic Union Party, Kurdish Syrian terrorist group, 108 have been destroyed as of 18:30 [15:30 GMT]. All the killed and wounded people, who have been sent to hospitals, are members of terrorist groups," the statement of the Turkish General Staff read.


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