Friday, September 30, 2016

I'll say it very clearly - Israel doesn't recognize Kosovo. - Israeli Ambassador

Israeli Ambassador Alona Fisher-Kamm says her country has not changed its position of not recognizing the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo.

In an interview for the Belgrade-based daily Blic, the Israel's recently appointed top diplomat in Belgrade also pointed out that work was being done to additionally improve relations with Serbia, especially in the economy.
"I'll say it very clearly, our position has not changed, and that is the non-recognition of Kosovo," said Fisher-Kamm has been quoted as saying.

Asked whether relations with Serbia and Israel can be further improved, she said the idea was to turn the currently "excellent relations" into "concrete steps that will benefit both countries."

"The economy is in the first place and I think the potential is really great. We're trying to determine the best areas for research and cooperation - innovation, knowledge sharing, agriculture and technology," said Fisher-Kamm.

She singled out tourism as another important area for Israel, stating that her country wants to have more tourists visiting, and expressed his satisfaction that some Israeli charter companies plan to introduce direct flights to Belgrade.

Asked "whether Serbia can, like Israel, maintain good relations with both Moscow and Washington, or will have to choose one side," the ambassador said she did not think that countries must decide in favor of one side or the other, citing Israel as "an excellent example" of this.

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