Saturday, July 11, 2015

Iranian nuclear talks extended till Monday

Iran and world major powers on Friday extended the deadline of the ongoing Iranian nuclear for the third time till Monday, giving more time for negotiators to agree on a deal.

Iran and the five UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany have been negotiating over the past 18 months to reach a long-term deal over Tehran's controversial atomic plans.

Western states decided to extend the Geneva interim deal till Monday, prolonging the suspension of some sanctions on Tehran.

The EU has also officially announced the extension of the interim deal

The ongoing talks are part of diplomatic efforts to resolve the disputed Iranian nuclear issue. However, several tough issues remain unresolved despite two weeks of intensive talks in Vienna.

Gaps remain over issues concerning relief of an U.N. arms embargo on Tehran and access for inspectors to military sites in Iran.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said foreign ministers would rejoin meetings on Saturday to see if they could make a breakthrough.

"We are making progress, it's painfully slow," said Hammond before leaving the city.

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  1. Nucléaire iranien: après 21 mois, un accord historique a été trouvé ...

    Les grandes puissances et l'Iran ont trouvé un accord sur le programme nucléaire de Téhéran, a appris lundi l'agence Reuters auprès d'une source occidentale proche des négociations, confirmant une information divulguée plus tôt par un diplomate iranien.
    "Oui, il y a un accord", a confirmé la source qui s'exprimait sous le sceau de l'anonymat. Une réunion ministérielle plénière se tiendra à 08h30 GMT, suivie d'une conférence de presse, a fait savoir une porte-parole de la diplomatie européenne.

    Une information confirmée depuis par le président iranien Hassan Rouhani..........


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