Friday, September 19, 2014

Russia, Serbia are brotherly nations (Tomislav Nikolic, Serbian president)

Brotherhood of Serbian and Russian nations is sealed by joint fight for freedom in the First World War, said Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Thursday after unveiling a monument dedicated to soldiers of two countries that died defending Belgrade from 1914 to 1918.

The marble monument consisting of a hollow cross with a sculpture of an angel slaying the dragon was placed at the Kalemegdan fortress on Thursday with the presence of Vladimir Yakunin, deputy chairperson of the Russian "St. Andrew the First-Called Fund" that financed the sculpture together with the "Center of National Glory".

Nikolic said that the monument is the "landmark stone that expresses respect towards the selfless sacrifice and gratitude for the freedom we live in", said Nikolic on unveiling the monument.

"The monument speaks of the pride we feel towards our common glorious history, our common heroic ancestors and the brotherhood of Serbian and Russian nations that is sealed with our common fight for freedom", Nikolic said adding that the first help from Russia in the First World War arrived only one month after the declaration of war on July 28, 1914.

Nikolic reminded that Russia tried to persuade Austria-Hungary by diplomatic means not to attack Serbia, and then in 1915 Russians fought on Danube and Sava against Austria-Hungary including the defending of Belgrade where many of them laid their lives.

Yakunin, also the president of the Russian Railways, said that heroic deeds must be preserved in the memory of the descendants.

"Serbs are people that remember their history and respect their heroes. It is terrible to see that Serbs still have victims after all this huge losses they had during two world war," he said in presence of the Russian ambassador to Serbia Alexander Chepurin and the Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali.

Before the monument was unveiled, Serbian and Russian priests made a common memorial service for the Serbian and Russian soldiers killed in the First World War at the St. Michael's Cathedral in Belgrade.

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