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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Macedonia News el: Bartering system to Volos citizens’ aid ...

Macedonia News el
(News from real/true Macedonia, Greece [1] , [2])
A city full of resources but short on Euros, Volos tapped into an old-school bartering system to survive in a time of crisis ...
As the financial crisis hits citizens of Greece, and unemployment reaches an all-time high of 28 per cent, one city has fought back by creating an old-school bartering system for it's folk.
The coastal city of Volos (Thessalia) has developed it's own currency called TEMs which allows citizens to barter for things that money used to buy. Food, education, clothing and even baby-sitters are being bartered in the city using the TEMs network.
Folks in the area sign up for a TEMs network account, and start amassing credits that can eventually be cashed in for things they need.

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