Saturday, June 22, 2024

In Ukraine, a fire was reported at an energy facility in the Lviv region after "combined attack"

In the Lviv region of Ukraine, a fire occurred at an energy infrastructure facility. Chairman of the Lviv Regional State Administration Maxim Kozitsky announced this on June 22 in his Telegram channel.

“There is a fire,” he wrote.

He noted that at the moment there has been no information about casualties, and firefighters are working on the scene. The Ukrainian politician did not provide any other details.

At night, a combined attack was carried out on energy facilities in the Zaporozhye and Lviv regions, there was damage,  Ukrenergo said
As a result of the attack, equipment at power facilities was damaged. This was the 8th combined attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Russian Armed Forces carried out strikes on military facilities and warehouses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Lviv region in western Ukraine, where parts for aircraft were stored.


  1. Глава львовской областной военной администрации Максим Козицкий заявил о повреждении объекта критической энергоинфраструктуры

  2. Польша вместе с союзниками подняла в воздух самолеты в ответ на наблюдаемую, по утверждению Варшавы, активность дальней авиации РФ

  3. Удары нанесены по военным объектам и складам ВСУ в Львовской области, где хранились детали для самолетов

  4. Ukraine says its energy facilities have come under a “massive” attack from Russia overnight, in the latest onslaught targeting the country's power grid.

    It is the eighth time Russia has launched an attack on energy infrastructure facilities in the past three months, Ukraine’s energy ministry said.

  5. Ukraine is buying energy from the European Union, however, this is not enough to make up the deficit.

    This means that most days involve a planned nationwide blackout to protect critical infrastructure such a hospitals and military facilities.


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