Thursday, February 23, 2023

Moldova To Soon Denounce Dozens Of Agreements With CIS - FM

The Moldovan authorities have analyzed the relevance of the agreements signed within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States (a loose association of former Soviet republics, CIS) and intend to denounce dozens of such documents, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu said.

"I can report that these days we are in the process of denouncing dozens of agreements with the CIS, our ministries have analyzed the relevance of many deals signed within the CIS. We are compiling the list and will publish it.

From memory, I can say that about 20 agreements will be denounced through the Foreign Ministry," Popescu told Jurnal tv.

According to him, the republic is focused on joining the European Union, therefore it pays special attention to those agreements with the CIS that do not comply with European legislation.

Popescu said Moldova had signed over 300 different agreements within the framework of the CIS.

Earlier, the country's authorities already raised the issue about the need to discuss whether it made sense for Moldova to remain in the CIS.

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