Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Mass Strikes at Targets in Ukraine continued on October 11 for second Day - MoD RU



 On October 11, the Russian Armed Forces continued inflicting a massive strike on military command and energy facilities in Ukraine. The goal of Russian strikes has been achieved, all designated targets have been hit, the RF Ministry of Defense reported on October 11.

As the official representative of the department, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, clarified, the strikes were inflicted by high-precision long-range air and sea-based weapons.

"The goal of the strike has been achieved. All designated targets have been hit," the Russian Defense Ministry said.
1. Three explosions hit two energy facilities in Ukraine’s Lvov Region — official
2. Explosions are heard in Lvov — TV
3. Thermal power plant in Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region reports equipment damage
4. Ukrainian lawmaker reports explosions in Kiev, Khmelnitsky Regions
5. Ukrainian media outlets report explosions in Krivoy Rog, Rovno, Kiev Region
6. Official reports explosions in Ukraine’s Vinnitsa Region
7. At least 16 explosions rock city of Zaporozhye, activist says
8. The air alert was declared across Ukraine, with the country’s emergencies service in the Kiev Region issuing warnings, Ukrainian news portal Strana reported on Tuesday.

According to Strana, the emergency messages read that explosions are highly likely during the day. Citizens are being alerted to stay in shelters and not to ignore air alert notifications.


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