Monday, October 31, 2022

Grain deal without the Russia should not be carried out, silence over use grain corridor to Attack


 The Black Sea Grain Initiative should not be carried out without Russia, and the decisions taken without the Russian side do not oblige it to anything. This was stated at a meeting of the UN Security Council by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the organization Vasily Nebenzya.

The meeting in connection with the Ukrainian attack on ships and civilian vessels in Sevastopol was convened at the request of Russia.

As Nebenzya noted, Kyiv's terrorist attack against ships of the Black Sea Fleet put an end to the humanitarian dimension of the "grain deal." The representative of the Russian Federation expressed surprise at the lack of condemnation of this attack by the UN.

The Russian diplomat pointed to the abuse of the humanitarian corridor, stressing that the Black Sea remains a war zone.

According to him, Russia cannot allow unhindered passage of vessels without inspection by representatives of the Russian Federation and will be "forced to take independent measures to control dry cargo ships that have passed through the Joint Coordination Center without approval."

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