Sunday, August 28, 2022

Reflection of its 'double standards': Russia on West's criticism of India for Russian oil imports | India News | Zee News

The criticism of India by the Western countries on its imports of Russian crude oil while exempting themselves from their "own illegitimate sanctions" is a reflection of their unprincipled position and double standards, Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov said on Sunday.

In an exclusive interview to news agency PTI, the envoy said trade between India and Russia has been on an upswing and both sides have several payment systems in place and that there is an option even of using currencies of third countries with certain "partners" in Asia and in the Middle East offering viable choices.

Historically, Russia has not been a major source of fossil fuel for India but the imports of discounted Russian crude oil have seen a massive increase in the last few months, notwithstanding rising disquiet in many Western capitals.

"Those in the West who criticise India not just slyly keep silent about the fact that they themselves actively buy Russian energy resources exempting them from their own illegitimate sanctions, but in doing so explicitly demonstrate their unprincipled position and double standards while claiming otherwise," Alipov said.

  •     Europe has 'completely lost' its independent voice

The ambassador said Europe has "completely lost" its independent voice while "appeasing" the USA's ambitions for power, and is now trying to sustain its economic well-being while triggering an escalation of energy prices for the rest of the globe. "For what reason should India pay for that," Alipov asked.

The ambassador also suggested that there was no impact of Western sanctions against Moscow on India-Russia trade and said the trade volume in the first six months of this year alone recorded a turnover of USD 11.1 billion (one billion=100 crores), which was around USD 13 billion in 2021.

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