Thursday, August 11, 2022

Moscow: West Would Fight Russia ‘to Last Ukrainian’ | Farsnews Agency

Ukraine’s leadership has sold out its own people to fight on behalf of NATO against Russia, Sergey Kirienko, the Deputy Head of the Administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said, adding that Western nations are happy to see Ukrainians die as long as it serves their interests.

“We understand very well that we are not fighting against Ukraine in the Ukrainian territory, and certainly not against the Ukrainian people. The entire NATO bloc is at war with Russia in Ukraine with Ukrainians’ hands,” Kirienko stated in a speech on Wednesday, RT reported.

He blamed the government in Kiev for the violence, accusing it of allowing the country and its people to be sacrificed in a “fundamental confrontation of the Western community against Russia".

"NATO will gladly fight against Russia ‘to the last Ukrainian’ as they say themselves without hesitance. Why not? They don’t feel sorry about it," he continued.

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