Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Russia unearths new crimes against civilians perpetrated by Kiev regime - TASS

Russia’s Investigative Committee will investigate new crimes by Ukrainian law enforcement, as reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, the Committee’s press service said Tuesday.

Residents of Odessa, whose phones are found to contain calls to Russian phone numbers, are subjected to physical violence and taken to undisclosed locations by territorial defense fighters and Security Service agents, said the Committee.

New cases have been uncovered when Ukrainian [so-called] fighters use civilian infrastructure facilities for military purposes. They have set up firing positions in a medical institution in the city of Severodonetsk, a school building in Nelepovka, Donetsk Region, has been turned into a defensive post, while heavy weaponry is stationed on the premises. In the village of Sergeyevka, they are using a kindergarten as barracks, placing artillery nearby. In Svyatogorsk, Ukrainian militants have set up a command post in a school building, forcing the staff and students into the cellars.

The Investigative Committee will "analyze and make a legal assessment of the information." "Measures will be taken to track down the Ukrainian fighters involved,’ the authorities assured.

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