Thursday, October 14, 2021

Al menos seis muertos y decenas de heridos durante las protestas callejeras de Hizbulá en Beirut



 Al menos seis personas han muerto en una protesta violenta convocada por los partidos chiíes Amal y Hizbulá frente al Palacio de Justicia del Líbano para pedir la destitución del juez que investiga la explosión ocurrida en 2020 en Beirut y por la que varios exministros afiliados a ellos son sospechosos de negligencia...


Армия Ливана вошла в Бейрут после того, как неизвестные открыли огонь по демонстрации протеста



Une manifestation organisée par le Hezbollah et ses alliés contre le juge chargé de l'enquête sur l'explosion au port de Beyrouth a dégénéré jeudi 14 octobre, faisant au moins cinq morts et des dizaines de blessés.


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  1. The Lebanese Army reported arrest of nine people suspected of involvement in armed clashed that took place in Beirut Thursday in a statement, published on the Army’s official website.

    "A shootout took place in Tayouneh and Badaro quarters of Beirut on October 14, 2021, when a group of protesters marched to the Adlieh Square, which left several citizens killed or injured," the statement says. "Immediately after that, the Army reinforced its presence in this area, organizing pedestrian and motorized patrols and carrying out raid at several places looking for the shooters. During the raids, nine people were arrested on both sides, including one Syrian citizen."

    A probe into the arrested suspects is already underway "under the supervision of competent judicial bodies," the Armed Forces say.

    "The Army command established contacts with both sides to calm the situation and prevent further slip to a split [in the society]," the military underscored. "The command reiterates that it will tolerate no presence of armed people while army units are deployed in the area to prevent further clashes."


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