Friday, July 16, 2021

Russian Plane Carrying Up to 17 Passengers Goes Missing in Siberia - Чудо в тайге: как пассажирам аварийно севшего Ан-28 удалось спастись

 (Tasnim) – A Russian Antonov An-28 passenger plane carrying up to 17 people disappeared from radars on Friday while flying over the Siberian region of Tomsk, Russian news agencies cited local officials as saying.

The flight from the town of Kedrovy in Tomsk region to the regional capital of Tomsk was carrying between 13 and 17 passengers, the TASS and RIA news agencies cited local officials as saying.

The reports come less than two weeks after a similar aircraft, an Antonov An-26, crashed into a cliff in poor visibility conditions on the remote Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's Far East, killing all 28 people on board, Reuters reported.

An Antonov-28, the same type of plane that has gone missing over Tomsk, slammed into a Kamchatka forest in 2012 in a crash that killed 10 people. Investigators said both pilots were drunk at the time of the crash.

Russian aviation safety standards have improved in recent years but accidents, especially involving ageing planes in far-flung regions, are not uncommon.


Na sexta-feira (16), um avião An-28 com 18 pessoas a bordo realizou um pouso forçado na região de Tomsk, na Rússia. O Ministério para Situações de Emergência da Rússia informou que todas as pessoas foram encontradas vivas perto da aeronave.  


2.  Самолет Ан-28, совершавший рейс Кедровый - Томск, совершил аварийную посадку. Несмотря на то, что авиасудно перевернулось при приземлении, экипаж и пассажиры смогли выжить, к тому же и без серьезных травм. 

3.  Un avion qui avait disparu plusieurs heures des radars en Russie a été retrouvé : l'appareil, un avion de ligne de type Antonov An-28, a atterri en urgence dans la région de Tomsk (Sibérie) et tous ses passagers sont vivants, selon le ministère régional des Situations d'urgence. Il y avait 18 personnes à bord, dont l'équipage et deux enfants. Ils ont été transférés à Tomsk.

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