Wednesday, July 21, 2021

New leaks expose Britain’s support for terrorist organizations in Syria with millions of dollars over past five years – Syrian Arab News Agency

New leaks expose Britain’s support for terrorist organizations in Syria with millions of dollars over past five years

SANA- The UK government has spent £350-million, or around USD 477 million during the past five years, to support and fund terrorists what the UK government calls is the “moderate armed opposition” in Syria, despite all documents, facts, field facts and their crimes which have revealed that they are terrorist organizations under various names.

Declassified prepared a report published by the Daily Maverick website which revealed that the British government used a controversial body called the Whitehall Conflict-Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)- has funded dozens of schemes that it calls projects supporting terrorist organizations and promoting them in the media outlets to give them a false cover under the title of false moderation.

Britain has funded 13 projects since 2015 to support terrorists in Syria with millions of pounds sterling as the sum of at least £162-million has come from the British aid budget which, the government claims, aims “to defeat poverty, tackle instability and create prosperity in developing countries,these facts clearly show that the sums support terrorism in Syria.

The report documents that Britain began funding and supporting terrorists in Syria since 2011, under various pretexts.

There are other secret projects and operations run by the British Foreign Office, was worth £28.2-million during 2016-2017 and other programs to enhance support for terrorists, including Jabhat al-Nusra organization, included on the lists of the international terrorism.

The report indicated that one of the projects that support the structures of terrorist organizations, which it describes as moderate opposition, is worth £27.5 -million, with the aim of strengthening these organizations.

The report also revealed another British project supporting terrorists under the name of ‘Community policing” which was put under control of terrorist organizations in areas where they are positioned, especially in Idleb, where the British support came via a program known as Access to Justice and Community Support (AJACS),) run by private consultancy firm Adam Smith International, a major UK aid contractor, as the British funding continued in the project until 2018.

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