Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Expertos de la OMS avalan la vacuna de AstraZeneca para los mayores de 65 años - clarin

Expertos de la OMS avalan la vacuna de AstraZeneca para los mayores de 65 años

La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) avaló el uso de la vacuna de AstraZeneca contra el coronavirus para mayores de 65 años, a pesar de las dudas previas planteadas sobre su eficacia.

"La vacuna puede ser administrada a partir de los 18 años, sin límite de edad máxima, por lo que puede también administrarse a mayores de 65 años", señaló el mexicano Alejandro Cravioto, presidente del Grupo Asesor Estratégico de Expertos en Inmunización (SAGE), en una rueda de prensa organizada por la OMS.

El experto reconoció que en los ensayos clínicos de esta vacuna, desarrollada por la farmacéutica sueco-británica junto a la Universidad de Oxford, hubo una participación minoritaria de mayores de 65 años, lo que pudo contribuir a las dudas sobre su eficacia en ese grupo etario, pero los análisis del SAGE concluyen que "los resultados en esas personas no son diferentes a los de los grupos más jóvenes". ...

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  1. WHO vaccine experts have said that the AstraZeneca-Oxford Covid-19 vaccine could be used for people aged over 65, and also in settings where variants of the virus are circulating.

    The 15-member Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) issued a range of interim recommendations for when and how to use the two-shot vaccine, which has yet to receive emergency use authorisation from the World Health Organization.

    The announcement came after the vaccine has suffered several setbacks, raising questions about whether it was appropriate to use it for older people, or in places where a variant of the virus first found in South Africa is circulating.

    SAGE chief Alejandro Cravioto acknowledged that there was a lack of data on the efficacy of the vaccine for people over the age of 65, which has prompted a number of countries to recommend against its use in older people.

    But, he told journalists, "we feel that the response of this group cannot be any different from groups of a younger age".
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    SAGE, he said, recommends "for the vaccine to be used for 18 years and above without an upper age limit."

    The experts also said they had discussed the effectiveness of the vaccine when faced with a range new variants of concern of the coronavirus, and in particular the one first spotted in South Africa.

    The country has decided to put off using AstraZeneca jabs in a planned vaccination programme over concerns about their efficacy against the prominent virus variant in the country.


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