Sunday, September 13, 2020

Policeman makes warning shot in the air during protests in Minsk - interior ministry

Policeman makes waring shot in the air during protests in Minsk
Belarus’ interior ministry has confirmed media reports that a policeman made a warning shot in the air during a protest action in Minsk on Sunday.

"Some internet sources reported at about 18:00 local time that a sound resembling that of a gunshot had been heard in Minsk," the ministry’s spokeswoman, Olga Chemodanova, wrote on her Telegram channel. "Policemen were detaining several protest activists in central Minsk. Other protesters, at least 100 people, tried to prevent the detention. A warming shot was made from a slide-action gun in the air to stop illegal actions."

She also said that more than 400 protesters had been detained in Minsk on Sunday. "As of 19:00 local time, protests actions finished almost in all Belarusian cities, but for Minsk. Several hundred people were detained," she wrote. "More than 400 people were detained in various parts on Minsk."

Earlier, the ministry said that 250 protesters had been detained in Minsk.

She refuted Euroradio reports that flash and sound grenades had been used against protesters. "Law enforcers did not use flash and sound grenades," she stressed.

Tens of thousands of people took part in Sunday’s protests in Minsk. According to, several dozens of people were detained during protests in Grodno. It also said that protests had been held in other Belarusian cities, including Mogilev, Baranovichi, and Vitebsk...

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