Monday, August 10, 2020

Turkey defies Greece’s warnings and begins eastern Mediterranean "mission"

Turkey defies Greece’s warnings and begins eastern Mediterranean mission
The Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Donmez, announced the arrival of the Turkish research vessel “Oruc Reis” to the eastern Mediterranean, in order to resume exploration activities in that region.

Donmez tweeted on Monday, that work will continue without stopping to achieve independence (Turkey) in the field of energy.

The minister said, “The Turkish research vessel, Uruj Chief, has arrived in its region in the Mediterranean to continue its new work.”

The Turkish ship had earlier sailed from the state of Antalya (southwest) to off the island of Cyprus, to resume oil and gas exploration activities, accompanied by the “Ataman” and “Genghis Khan” ships.

The ship can perform three-dimensional seismic processes up to 8,000 meters deep, and two-dimensional seismic processes up to 15,000 meters deep.

The ship contains a home-made submersible remotely operated vehicle, and has sea floor mapping, measurement and sampling systems.

The vessel also contains geological laboratories, oceanography, and equipment that can take basic samples from the sea floor.

The crew of the ship is 55 people, they are 24 sailors and 31 administrators and researchers.
 ( RT)

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