Monday, July 2, 2018

Dara'a: Syrian Army Capturing Border-Crossing with Jordan

Syrian Army Capturing Border-Crossing with Jordan
The Syrian Army continued to march in regions South of the province capital of Dara'a, and deployed its troops around one kilometer away from the border-crossing with Jordan, a media outlet reported on Monday.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted Ali Maqsoud, a Syrian military expert, as reporting that the army seized back the Old Customs and Tal Sakar regions between Jabib and Um Walad settlements in the Southern countryside of Dara'a city, and deployed forces only 1,200 meters away from the main border-crossing with Jordan.

Sputnik further said that other units of the army managed to take control of the strategic Tal al-Zamitiyeh and al-Jamileh regions West of the town of Ibta North of Dara'a city and a key military road, adding that terrorists in the towns of al-Tayibah, Sour, Seida and Um Mayadhin as well as Nasib township have laid down arms and surrendered.

Maqsoud further said that 99 percent of the people in Southern Syria have supported the army and have called for expulsion of the terrorists from their region, adding that the terrorists' military power has drastically decreased after the US forces left the militants alone in the war against the Syrian government forces.


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