Friday, May 11, 2018

Macron faces up formidable challenges in reforming France

Macron faces up formidable challenges in reforming France
Elected a year ago, French President Emmanuel Macron gave himself fundamental reforms for France as an objective, a perilous exercise in a country known for being "irreformable" since social movements often mobilize against reforms.

In the past one year, Macron had launched several reform projects -- employment law, fiscal operations, education, institutional reform -- almost no sector has been spared. The objective is "to have a fair system, a strong economy for a strong France", Macron has said.

According to observers, never in recent years has a French president simultaneously undertaken so many reforms with such speed, probably due to the risk of stirring up opposition.

"In order to find the trace of similar rate of reform, it's necessary to return to the beginning of the 5th Republic, in 1959," said political scientist Olivier Duhamel on Europe 1.

Analysts remained skeptical that Macron will manage to see his reforms through to the end, unlike many of his predecessors who came up short.

"A third is already done and many are in progress," said Duhamel while clarifying that Emmanuel Macron has "tried to make the maximum number of reforms".

Elected with 66.1 percent of the votes, the French president launched the first round of reforms from the beginning of his term, including the controversial project to reform employment law which was adopted by an executive order.

But the end of the grace period was quickly accompanied by a plunge in popularity for the President.

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