Thursday, May 10, 2018

Israel Informed Russia of "Planned Strikes" on Syria : military spokesman

Israel Informed Russia of Planned Strikes on Syria
The Israeli Defense Forces informed Russia of the planned airstrikes on Syria in retaliation for an Iranian salvo, a military spokesman said.

"The Russians were informed prior to the attack through the existing mechanism," Israel's Jonathan Conricus told reporters at a briefing on Thursday.

The military communication channel was set up between Israel and Russia in fall 2015 to prevent erroneous engagements in Syria.

Israeli warplanes raided Iranian positions in Syria overnight, firing dozens of rockets into the Syrian territory in response to a barrage of Iranian rockets, the Israeli army said Thursday.


  1. La noche de este miércoles, el Ejército israelí ha reportado que fuerzas iraníes desplegadas en Siria han lanzado unos 20 misiles contra los Altos de Golán. De acuerdo con los informes preliminares, el ataque no ha dejado heridos.

    Los misiles han sido interceptados por el sistema de defensa antiaérea 'Cúpula de Hierro' (Iron Dome), informa la Fuerza de Defensa de Israel en su Twitter.

  2. The Israeli army said Thursday morning that it set back Iranian military capabilities in Syria by “many months” with overnight strikes on “dozens” of targets affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards’ al-Quds Force following an attempted large-scale rocket attack on Israeli territory.

  3. The IDF said the initial missile barrage was launched by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ al-Quds Force. It appeared to be the first time Israel attributed an attack directly to Iran, which generally operates through proxies.

  4. The rocket fire came after Israel's military said Iranian forces in Syria had shelled an Israeli outpost near the border.

  5. Lebanese Army command says 4 Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace at the same time as the aggression took place

  6. Syria’s air defense intercepted several Israeli rockets after the Tel Aviv regime’s aircraft pounded Syrian army positions in the occupied Golan Heights.

  7. Le ministre russe de la Défense n'a pas encore commenté la situation.

  8. 'If It Rains on us, It'll Storm on Them': Lieberman Warns Iran After Israel's Massive Attack in Syria

    1. Some 28 Israeli aircraft fired around 60 air-to-surface rockets in a massive overnight strike in Syria, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Syrian air-defense systems managed to intercept more than half of the missiles.

      A total of 70 projectiles, including 60 air-to-surface rockets and more than 10 surface-to-surface missiles, hit Iranian military targets and Syrian air-defense systems near Damascus and in the south of the country on Thursday morning, the Russian military said in a statement.

      “28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 planes were involved in the attack,” the ministry said. “Syrian air-defense systems shot down more than half of the rockets as they repelled the Israeli attack.”

  9. El ministro de Defensa israelí, Avigdor Lieberman, afirmó el jueves que espera que la última ronda de violencia con Irán en la frontera siria haya terminado.

    "Espero que hayamos terminado este capítulo y todos hayan entendido el mensaje", dijo Lieberman en una conferencia de seguridad de Herzliya, cerca de Tel Aviv. Lieberman indicó que Israel atacó "casi toda la infraestructura iraní en Siria", informa Reuters.


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