Friday, March 16, 2018

Syria: Evacuation of thousands of civilians from Ghouta unveiled the false propaganda of states that shed crocodile tears for them

Evacuation of thousands of civilians from Ghouta
Thousands of civilians left Eastern Ghouta despite all the desperate attempts made by the terrorists to prevent them from leaving, and this mass evacuation confirms that all the crying and wailing by certain countries at the expense of the lives of civilians are nothing but lies and hypocrisy that have been revealed to the world.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA that after years of hypocrisy, deception,using civilians as human shields, starving them, depriving them of aid, and using them as a pretext before the international community, the Syrian Arab Republic has been able over the past few days to unveil the biggest lies and deception practiced by the armed terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta, as the Syrian Arab Army secured the exit of thousands of the civilians who were besieged by the terrorists and transferred them to makeshift shelters equipped with food and medical and social services.

The source added that the en mass exit of thousands of people from Ghouta in front of media outlets, despite the desperate attempts by the terrorists to prevent them from leaving through violence and intimidation, proves to the world that all the crying and wailing by certain countries at the expense of the lives of civilians are nothing but lies and hypocrisy that have been revealed to the world, as civilians flee the areas controlled by terrorists in East Ghouta to nearby government-held areas under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army,debunking the rhetoric that has been used over seven years by the terrorists and the Western and regional states that control them.

The source concluded by saying that the Syrian Arab Republic confirm sits readiness to secure the needs of its citizens wherever they were, and calls on the United Nations and its relief organizations to shoulder their responsibilities by providing aid to the places where thousands of civilians are currently living in Damascus Countryside.


  1. Hundreds of civilians, who were besieged by terrorist organizations inside Eastern Ghouta, have exited the area via Hamouriya safe corridor, the Syrian news Agency SANA reported.

    SANA’s correspondent to Hamouriya said that the Syrian Arab Army on Friday secured the exit of hundreds of civilians, most of them children and women, from Eastern Ghouta via Hamouriya corridor, adding that the army, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), immediately received the evacuated civilians and provided them with water and food in preparation to transport them to the well-equipped makeshift centers.

    A number of the civilians who exited from Ghouta expressed happiness to escape from the terrorist organizations which had been holding them hostages in Eastern Ghouta where they suffered from humiliation, hunger, and daily attacks by terrorists,

    They called the rest of the locals still being held by the terrorist organizations to stand against terrorists and to go to the nearest post of the Syrian Arab Army or to the humanitarian corridors.

    On Thursday, thousands of civilians exited Ghouta also through the safe corridor of Hamouriya.

  2. Из Восточной Гуты в Сирии вышли 17 тысяч мирных жителей...

    За время работы гуманитарного коридора в сирийской Восточной Гуте опасную зону покинули более 17 тысяч мирных жителей, сообщили в Минобороны. Там отметили, что Россия в полном объеме выполняет обязательства резолюции Совбеза ООН по Сирии.
    Тем временем в освобожденные от террористов провинции Идлиб, Алеппо и Хомс люди возвращаются в свои дома. Однако в некоторых регионах Сирии, в первую очередь в Ракке, ситуация до сих пор остается сложной. Там из-за действий так называемой коалиции во главе в США пока не удается выполнить резолюции Совбеза ООН в полном объеме, сообщает телеканал "Россия 24".
    "США продолжают препятствовать прибытию любых представителей гуманитарных организаций в Ракку, не говоря уже о согласовании приезда в город оценочной миссии ООН", — говорится в сообщении Минобороны РФ.
    Там добавили, что так называемые "органы власти" из "Демократической федерации Северной Сирии" насильно заставляют местных жителей оставаться в разбомбленных американцами районах Ракки, препятствуя их выезду в безопасные районы Сирии.


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