Tuesday, February 27, 2018

UN Security Council adopts Russian-drafted resolution on renewal of Yemen sanctions

resolution on renewal of Yemen sanctions
The Security Council on Monday adopted a Russian-drafted resolution on a technical rollover of the Yemen sanctions regime.

The unanimous vote followed a Russian veto of a UK-drafted text that contained language of Iranian "non-compliance" with the UN sanctions regime against individuals and entities deemed to be engaging in or providing support for acts that threaten the peace, security or stability of Yemen.

In the vote on the UK-drafted text, 11 members of the council were in favor, Russia and Bolivia were against, and China and Kazakhstan abstained.

Since Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council, the UK draft failed to be adopted. Adoption needs at least nine votes without veto by any of the five permanent members: Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States.

The council then put to vote the Russian-drafted text, which won unanimous support of the 15 members of the council. The Russian text was adopted as Resolution 2402.

The resolution renews sanctions against designated individuals and entities for a year, till Feb. 26, 2019, and extends the mandate of a Panel of Experts, which is tasked to assist in the implementation of the sanctions regime, until March 28, 2019.

The sanctions include an asset freeze against designated individuals and entities and a travel ban.

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  1. Iranian Ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad underlined that Washington experienced a complete failure in the Monday meeting of the UN Security Council which was due to condemn Iran for the alleged supply of missiles to Yemen, adding that even the western states didn’t fully support the US.
    "In the resolution on Yemen, the US didn’t pay any attention to Yemen (at all) and it pursued three goals: to declare Iran as a state that has breached sanctions against Yemen, to link the Yemen resolution and implementation of Resolution 2231 in connection with missile issues and bring up Iran's missiles (power) issue on the UNSC agenda, and finally, to pave the ground for the imposition of new UNSC sanctions against Iran by introducing Iran as a violator," Baeidinejad wrote on his Telegram account on Tuesday.

    He noted that the US didn’t even have the full support of the western countries. So the text underwent many changes and its condemnations changed into concerns, he added.

    "But these changes were not so much to meet Russia's concerns and therefore, the resolution was vetoed and the US and Nikki Haley (the US ambassador to the UN), in person, faced a complete fiasco," Baeidinejad said.

    His remarks came after Russia vetoed a UNSC resolution based on a UN report condemning Iran for what it called as violating an arms embargo by sending weapons to Yemen.


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