Saturday, February 3, 2018

'Russia threat' used as excuse to funnel trillions into military industry : Russian envoy to US

'Russia threat' used as excuse to funnel trillions into military industry
Washington uses the alleged Russian threat as a pretext for its nuclear build-up, while the real purpose behind the new hawkish nuclear strategy is to pump money into the military complex, the Russian ambassador to the US told RT.

"The problem is that the Americans are again using Russia as a bogeyman to justify the rise in military spending and the nuclear buildup," Anatoly Antonov said, responding to the newly released US Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

The document, which calls for a reciprocal response to a conventional nuclear threat, classes Russia as a major challenge to the US along with China, North Korea and Iran. Justifying the need to upgrade America's nuclear arsenal, the review warns of Russia modernizing its nuclear weapons program and alleges that Moscow is ready to “use force to alter the map of Europe.”

"We realize this comes from their desire to inject more money into the military industry sector, we know the price tag is trillions of dollars," Antonov said.

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