Monday, February 19, 2018

Inter-Korean ties still precarious ahead of military talks, N. Korea blames U.S.

Inter-Korean ties still precarious ahead of military talks
 North Korea says the United States is to blame if anything dampens the mood for improving inter-Korean relations, while observers voice concern that cross-border military talks may generate sparks.

The North's Rodong Sinmun daily on Monday accused Washington of aiming to spoil the feel-good atmosphere between the two Koreas, once the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are over, "loudly jibbering" that it will resume joint military exercises with South Korea after the Games.

The paper said the U.S. has, in the past, made similar attempts to pour cold water on chances to improve inter-Korean ties, branding Washington a "villain that stirs tensions on the peninsula and hinders Korean unification."

Such tactics are emerging again, according to the daily, which said large strategic assets and military forces are encroaching on the peninsula and surrounding regions.

North Korea has condemned South Korea and the U.S's annual Key Resolve and Foal Eagle drills which were postponed until after the Olympics as a move to appease Pyongyang during the Winter Games.

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  1. North Korea Monday accused the United States of pressing to resume annual joint military drills with South Korea as soon as the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games end and hampering the improved relations achieved in the past few weeks between Pyongyang and Seoul.

    Seoul and Washington had postponed their annual spring military drills, which are normally held between March and April and which Pyongyang considers a rehearsal to invade its territory, so that they did not coincide with PyeongChang 2018.


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