Friday, January 19, 2018

Media Reports Disclose Details of Turkish Army Plans to Attack Afrin

Details of Turkish Army Plans to Attack Afrin
The Turkish army will attack 150 targets of the Kurdish forces in Afrin in Aleppo province before launching ground offensives in the region, media reports said.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news quoted the Turkish Haberturk newspaper as reporting that the Turkish army will launch heavy attacks on 150 Kurdish positions before starting the ground operations in Afrin.

It added that the Turkish intelligence forces have specified 149 Kurdish targets, including fixed positions and vehicles, from last October to January 16, 2018, reporting that the operations will take 6 days and the Turkish air force and artillery units, stationed at the borders, will participate in them.

According to the report, given the fact that the Kurds have built strongholds and ditches in 9 regions of Afrin, the Turkish forces will send special units skilled in war of attrition, if necessary, to carry out final cleansing operations in Afrin.

Meantime, the Turkish Milliyet newspaper reported that the country's joint chief of staff has adopted the marching tactic by using armored tanks which are equipped with jamming systems, after airstrikes.

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  1. Turkey’s newest electronic warfare system spotted near border with Syria...

    The new Turkey-made electronic warfare system, called the KORAL, was spotted near the Syrian-Turkish border.

    According to the local source, the Turkish Armed Forces deploys the new KORAL electronic warfare or jamming system a stretch of the Turkish-Syrian border around the northern city of Afrin.

    The KORAL truck-mounted electronic warfare system developed and manufactured by Aselsan for the Turkish Armed Forces. The KORAL is able to search for, intercept, analyze, classify, and find the direction of multiple conventional and complex types of radar signals.


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