Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New US-Backed Kurdish Army Formed in Northern Syria

Donald Trump approved providing weapons worth $393 million to its partners in Syria
The Kurds in Syria have formed a new military body named the 'Northern Syria Army' which includes the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the People's Protection Units (YPG) and other groups with the aim of protecting the regions controlled by Kurds in the country.

Commander of the Northern Syria Army Siaband Volat warned on Wednesday that his forces will confront any attacks against the regions controlled by Kurds.

The Northern Syria Army which is recruiting forces will protect regions in Hasaka, Koubani, Tal Abyadh, Manbij, Afrin, Raqqa and Northern Deir Ezzur, and has already recruited 100,000 forces.

Volat underlined that the US-led coalition forces will train and support the Northern Syria Army technically and will supply them with weapons.

Training of the Kurds' new military body will be carried out in al-Jazeera, Koubani, Afrin, Manbij and al-Tabaqah bases.

His remarks came after US President Donald Trump approved providing weapons worth $393 million to its partners in Syria despite Ankara's concerns over the continued delivery of heavy weapons and armored vehicles to PKK's Syrian offshoot the YPG.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said mid-December that all US-backed Kurdish armed militants are “traitors” to the Syrian nation, ramping up the rhetoric particularly against the YPG, which are mainly active in Northeastern areas of the Arab country through receiving vital substantial air and armament support from Washington.

“When we talk about those referred to as 'the Kurds', they are in fact not just Kurds. All those who work for a foreign country, mainly those under American command... are traitors” regardless of their names, Assad added.

The Syrian army troops are preparing for attacking the Kurdish-majority SDF in Deir Ezzur to recapture the oil and gas fields under their control after President al-Assad blasted the Kurds' betrayal to the country and their close cooperation with the American invaders, media sources disclosed on Sunday.

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