Friday, December 22, 2017

Catalonia partial results : Puigdemont says the separatists have won

separatists have won
Deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont said from self-imposed exile in Belgium that it was indisputable that separatists had won Thursday's key regional vote.

"This is a result which no one can dispute," Puigdemont told supporters in Brussels as partial results showed that pro-independence parties were on course for an absolute majority.

"I think we have earned our right to be listened to."

As loyalists shouted "president, president", Puigdemont also lashed out at Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who called the election in a bid to end Spain's worst political crisis in decades.

Puigdemont said it was "a slap" for the Spanish premier, adding: "Rajoy has lost the mandate he sought."
Puigdemont was axed as president of Catalonia after holding an independence referendum that Madrid deemed illegal.


  1. ‘Catalan Republic has beaten monarchy’: Puigdemont claims victory as unionists blame ‘unfair’ law...

    Deposed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has hailed a victory of democracy, while the leader of pro-unionist Citizens Party has blamed “unfair” laws for their inability to form a majority.
    “I want to congratulate the Catalan people, because they have sent a message to the world. The Catalan republic has beaten the monarchy and article 155. The Spanish state has been beaten. Mr Rajoy and his allies have lost,” Puigdemont said from Brussels where he is hiding from Spanish authorities.

    “Now we need to restore democracy, restore our legitimate government, our freedoms. We need to free all those people who are still in prison, but should not be,” he added.....

    1. Le chef du gouvernement espagnol Mariano Rajoy a rejeté vendredi la demande de l'ex-président indépendantiste Carles Puigdemont de le rencontrer après la victoire du camp séparatiste en Catalogne.

      Interrogé sur la proposition de dialogue lancée par M. Puigdemont depuis Bruxelles où il s'est exilé, M. Rajoy a répondu: "la personne avec laquelle je devrais m'asseoir, c'est celle qui a remporté les élections, Madame (Inès) Arrimadas", la tête de liste du parti anti-indépendance Ciudadanos qui a remporté le plus de sièges au parlement catalan.


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