Sunday, July 2, 2017

Israel targets Syrian army position over ‘errant projectile’ in sixth such exchange

Israel has fired at Syrian army positions after projectiles launched from Syrian territory landed on the Israeli side of the border, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said on Twitter. The attack follows a series of similar incidents over the week.

IDF said it targeted the “Syrian military artillery position” on Saturday as retaliation for two stray shells hitting the Israeli-controlled part of the disputed Golan Heights.

“A projectile launched from Syria hit an open area in the northern Golan Heights,” the Israeli military said in a statement. The “errant projectile” that triggered the return fire was “a result of internal fighting in Syria,” it added.

A similar spillover incident reportedly occurred an hour later, when a second shell hit the same area coming from the Syrian side of the border.

The incident has not resulted in any material damage to the Israeli military. No injuries have been reported, according to IDF.

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