Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Israel free to act as it wants in Syria, not bound to ceasefire: Israeli DM

On Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman clarified Israel’s position on the ceasefire in southern Syria saying that Israel was in no way party to the Russia-US brokered ceasefire agreement and it retained complete freedom of action in Syria.

In the context of understanding what Israeli freedom of action is in Syria, basically Lieberman insisted that Israel was still free to bomb pro-government forces and supply Golan-based jihadists with weapons and medical assistance.

Talking about military-related actions in Syria as if it were an Israeli right, Lieberman insisted that as part of the Zionist government’s “exclusive responsibility for the security of Israeli citizens”, its freedom to act was “absolute” and that it would do “everything that is needed”.

Israel’s particular concern in Syria is the presence of Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah militiamen in the Golan region, where the two country’s borders meet.

In this regard, Israel seeks to deny Tehran and the Lebanese rebel movement, both of whom currently assist the Damascus government in fighting terrorist groups (namely Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State) throughout Syria, access to its Golan border area, as had been available to them prior to 2011.


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