Thursday, June 29, 2017

Iran mulls legislation to boost missile program

Iranian parliament is preparing a legislation which would allow the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to boost the missile capability of the country, Tehran Times daily reported on Wednesday.

The motion, once turns into a law, will grant 600 million US dollars to the IRGC to develop the missile program.

The move by the parliament, or Majlis, follows a recent legislation by the US Senate to impose new sanctions on the IRGC and any other entities involved in Iran's missile program.

Kazem Jalali, head of the Majlis Research Center, said Wednesday that the legislation will boost IRGC's missile program and empower its Quds Forces to "fight US terrorist acts" in the region, according to the report.

The Quds Force, also known as Qods, is a special unit of Iran's IRGC responsible for "extraterritorial" missions of the Corps.

On June 15, the US Senate voted for a legislation to impose non-nuclear sanctions on Iran for developing its missile programs. They voted 98-2 in favor of the legislation.

In order for the new senate bill to become law, it must still pass the US House of Representatives and be signed by President Donald Trump. The bill, if ratified, will target the individuals and entities linked to Iran's missile activities.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qasemi said that "Iran's armed forces defend the country's security and interests and such measures will never make the slightest dent (in Iran's intent) to this end."

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