Thursday, June 1, 2017

Adding to Kaos: US Sending More Arms to Imperial Foot Soldiers in Syria

The US is increasing the supply of arms to its terror proxies in a desperate bid to forestall an offensive by allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah in southeast region, who are trying to connect a surface supply route from Iraq to Syria.

This offensive aimed at connecting a land route from Iraq to Syria sits well with International Law, with a lot of the volunteer forces who have been fighting in Mosul recently moving westward, toward the Syrian border, with an eye to continue the fight against ISIL after Mosul is liberated. US is also arming separatist Kurdish YPG in Syria, according to Pentagon officials, who are already bracing for a new round of angry condemnations from the international community related to the illegal shipments.

That’s because some of these shipments always end up in ISIL hands. The CIA has in the past given its weaponry to the terrorist group as well. It was only a week ago that a US government audit was released revealing the Pentagon had just lost track of another $1 billion in arms sent to Iraq, and had made little to no effort to keep records of where the gear ended up once it arrived in the country. The simple fact that the US admits it never intends to try to recover the weapons raises questions about whether they really intend to fight ISIL:

1) War-party Washington has no intention to put an end to the counterproductive, unaccountable, and immoral CIA “train and equip” program in Syria. The new supply of weapons to terror proxies suggests that Washington is still determined to regime change Syria by providing covered assistance to Al-Qaeda, ISIL, or any individual or group that is affiliated with, associated with, cooperating with, or adherent to such terrorist groups.

2) After six years of failed campaign, the US government continues to fund Qaeda-allied proxies that, far from being “moderate,” often subscribe to the Wahhabi ideology long funded and propagated by the Persian Gulf state tyrannies Saudi Arabia and the UAE – as well as Turkey and Jordan. The role of these regimes in not only turning a blind eye to ISIL’s takeover of vast swaths of Northern Syria but also exacerbating the refugee crisis by their callous treatment of refugees is often under-reported and intentionally overlooked by “fakestream” Western media.

3) The US and NATO deserve some share of the blame for the current chaos and the refugee crisis, triggered by a savage air war during which war crimes are routinely committed in their indiscriminate airstrikes against civilian populations. Instead of acting to alleviate the suffering through a combination of diplomacy, aid, and generous offers of resettlement, often the United States and its European allies merely settle on a strategy of arming terror proxies and rogue allies to do more.

5) Human rights groups and Amnesty International continue to condemn America’s “moderate” terrorists for committing “serious violations of International Humanitarian Law, including abductions, torture and summary killings.” Words are not enough. The world also needs to act and stop this war. Under the CIA program, these terrorists are still receiving support in the form of salaries, light arms, ammunition, and large quantities of anti-tank missiles. The new supplies are overseen by a military operations center comprising CIA representatives and terrorist commanders.

6) The terrorist commanders regularly inflate their forces’ numbers to pocket extra salaries, and some jack up weapons requests to hoard or to sell on the black market. Inevitably, much of that ends up in ISIL hands. The CIA knows about it, of course, but does nothing - even if this strengthens ISIL’s position. The US also studiously avoids attacking ISIL from the air if it is fighting the Syrian army and allies.

By now, it should hardly need saying that the US arms shipments to terror proxies in the southeast, and to Kurdish forces along the Turkish border, means partition of Syria and regime change is still a top priority for war-party Washington and its rogue allies - on the phony pretext of supporting nonexistent “moderate rebels.” All these imperial foot soldiers are cutthroat killers and death squad terrorists, largely recruited from scores of countries, armed, funded, trained and directed by CIA operatives, US special forces, and Arab-NATO partners in crime.

The regime changers have no intention of abandoning their naked aggression on millions of Syrians. They are responsible for displacing half the population internally or abroad, along with massacring tens of thousands mostly civilian men, women and children, injuring countless others, traumatizing an entire nation to advance their imperium and satisfy their blood lust.

In between, Iran, Syria and Russia are systematically betrayed every time they negotiate with Washington to end the war. Deceit is War Party’s longstanding practice. In its place, the allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia, and Hezbollah should focus solely on smashing all foreign-backed terrorist groups infesting Syria. They should never waste time and energy dealing with deceitful Washington - knowing the outcome in advance.


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  1. L’aviation russe élimine 80 terroristes fuyant Raqqa vers Palmyre...

    Les avions de combat russes ont détruit trois convois de terroristes de Daech en provenance de Raqqa qui cherchaient à se rendre à Palmyre, annonce jeudi le ministère russe de la Défense.

    Selon le ministère russe de la Défense, les terroristes de Daech en provenance de Raqqa ont entrepris une nouvelle tentative de rejoindre Palmyre dans la nuit du 29 au 30 mai.

    « Trois convois des combattants ont quitté Raqqa sous couvert de l'obscurité en direction du sud en empruntant plusieurs routes. Ce déplacement des terroristes a été identifié en temps voulu par notre renseignement », a déclaré l'armée russe.....


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