Thursday, September 1, 2016

Venezuelan protesters flood Caracas streets; regime blocks roads

The Venezuelan opposition expects at least 1 million people to flood the streets of Caracas on Thursday despite road blocks placed by President Nicolas Maduro's regime.

The Venezuelan opposition's "Taking of Caracas" protest has been met with road blocks and metro station closures. Opposition members have called for peaceful protests and urged the regime not to use violence against demonstrators.

Venezuela's constitution decrees authorities are not allowed to use weapons or toxic substances, such as tear gas, to repel peaceful protestors but Maduro's Interior and Justice Minister Gen. Nestor Reverol -- who was indicted in the United States on cocaine trafficking charges -- recently said government intelligence suggests there could be acts of "violence and destabilization."

A coalition of 28 Venezuelan non-governmental organizations, including the Venezuelan Institute for Social and Political Studies, has urged Maduro's regime to not react violently if protestors remain peaceful.

"We remind the police and state security bodies, whose duty is not to interfere but to facilitate the free development of the demonstration ... the use of firearms and toxic gases in peaceful demonstrations is prohibited by [the Venezuelan constitution], in international treaties on human rights," the coalition said in a statement...


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