Saturday, July 16, 2016

France's example : The police measures would not be sufficient, because they would need to cover large regions

The new attack on France through Nice, by the fanatical barbarism, is indicative that there is a continuity in the war of terrorism.

And as long as the source of the problem, ie, the terrorist Daesh organization, both in Syria and in Iraq is not disarmed, there will be no end to such action.
The police measures would not be sufficient, because they would need to cover large regions without having prior evidence re: the location of the attacks.

Additionally, he who initiates the barbaric act, could actually be anybody at all, who has been fanaticized through brainwashing.

That's the aim of the terrorist organization in fact, which enables it to obtain fire cores throughout the entire world, at any time and instance, ready to blow thenselves up, in order to destabilize regimes which they consider hostile towards their proliferation.

Talking exclusively re: the refugee issue, which finally is an immigration matter as well, totally ignoring the terrorist issue, we've reached the point of dealing with meaningless referendums, whereas the problem is the specific battle against a terrorist organization which is no longer associated with its original religious field, because it's so extreme that it considers everything in a strict manner.

This prohibition of that interpretation makes the ecclesiastical body not only incompetent, but also dangerous.
It's for this reason, that the phenomenon should not be considered new, but one with merely a new appearance.
Because it's past exists, and is already extremely dark.
N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias  


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