Thursday, June 2, 2016

UN Security Council slams DPRK's failed ballistic missile launches

The UN Security Council on Wednesday "strongly condemned" the most recent failed ballistic missile launches of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on May 31 and April 27-28.

"These repeated attempted launches are in grave violation of the DPRK's international obligations under United Nations Security Council resolutions," the 15-nation UN council said in a statement.

"The members of the Security Council deplore all DPRK ballistic missile activities, including these multiple failed launches, noting that such activities contribute to the DPRK's development of nuclear weapons delivery systems and increase tension," it said.

"The members of the Security Council further regretted that the DPRK is diverting resources to the pursuit of ballistic missiles while DPRK citizens have great unmet needs," the statement said.

The Security Council has adopted five resolutions -- resolutions 1718 (2006), 1874 (2009), 2087 (2013), 2094 (2013) and 2270 (2016) -- to curb the DPRK's nuclear and missile programs.

The latest one adopted in March imposes the most severe sanctions yet on the country, including an export ban and asset freeze.
 [Xinhua -]

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  1. Japan military on alert for possible North Korean ballistic missile launch...

    Japan government source stated there have been again signs North Korea may be planning a launch from the intermediate-range Musudan missile, exactly the same missile it tried to launch in May, compelling an order for that military to take alert.

    Japan has put its anti-ballistic missile forces on alert several occasions this season after discovering indications of missile launches.

    Japan’s military was on alert for any possible North Korean ballistic missile launch, a government source stated on Tuesday, with media confirming its navy and anti-missile Patriot batteries happen to be told to shoot lower any projectile at risk of Japan.

    North Korea has unsuccessful in most four tries to launch the Musudan, which theoretically has got the range to achieve any kind of Japan and also the U.S. territory of Guam.

    “It’ll further isolate its northern border in the worldwide community,” ministry spokesperson Cho June-hyuck told a


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