Thursday, April 14, 2016

Russian MoD called provocation message about under Raqqa downed Russian plane

Reports of the Russian plane allegedly downed in the area of the Syrian city of raqqa, are information provocation. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov, reports TASS.

“Aviation aerospace forces today, April 14, in the area did not work”, — said Konashenkov.

Earlier, on 14 April, the Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera reported that in the vicinity of the city of raqqa shot down a Russian plane.

Raqqa is considered the “capital” of the organization “Islamic state” to fight which from 30 October 2015, Russia has deployed to the airfield Hamim group of strike aircraft. It was done at the request of the official government in Damascus about the military aid. In March 2016 part of the aviation section was derived.

Organization “Islamic state” is recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia in accordance with the decision of the Supreme court of 29 December 2014.

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