Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Russian General Staff: MI-28N helicopter crashes in Syria due to a technical failure

The General Staff of the Russian Aerospace Forces said on Wednesday that the crash of a Russian Mi-28N military helicopter in Syria on Tuesday had been caused by a technical failure.

A source at the staff said in a statement to TASS News agency that the Russian Mi-28N military helicopter crashed due to a human error as has been indicated in the preliminary conclusions.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Russia’s presidency said that it is more likely that the crash was due to a technical malfunction.

The Russian Mi-28N military helicopter called “Night Hunter” crashed on Tuesday during a mission in Homs countryside and its two crewmembers had been killed.

“The helicopter did not come under fire before it crashed”, the Russian Defense ministry said.

Mi-28N military helicopter joined the Russian air operation in Syria early this year and contributed significantly to supporting the army’s operations to restore security and stability to Palmyra and al-Qariyatain cities in addition to other areas in Homs countryside.

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