Saturday, November 14, 2015

Poland Backs Away From Plan to Accommodate Migrants After Paris Attack

Appearing to take political advantage of Friday's deadly terror attacks in Paris, an official from Poland's incoming government told local media that Warsaw may now back out of the its commitment to host refugees under Brussels-mandated quotas.

Commenting on the attacks in an op-ed for Polish news portal, European Affairs Minister designate Konrad Szymanski noted that his government had not agreed to the EU-mandated relocation measures in the first place, and that now, "in the face of the tragic events in Paris, we do not see the political feasibility of implementing the decision [to relocate] refugees."

Szymanski, one of the leading figures of the right-nationalist Law and Justice Party, which trounced its moderate right opponents in elections last month, noted that "the attacks [in Paris] indicate the need for an even deeper revision of European policy on the migrant crisis."

The official added that "Europe must urgently put on the agenda proposals [on tightening] the EU's external border controls, and those aiming at fighting the crisis at the source, in agreement with third countries."

It remains unclear exactly which third countries Szymanski was referring to, and whether the Syrian government, long demonized by Warsaw's allies in Washington, may be one of them.

Human Rights Watch EU Director Lotte Leicht criticized the minister designate's comments, tweeting that Szymanski's statements were a "ridiculous and ignorant response" to the terror attacks, and to refugees "flee[ing] war and persecution."

Leicht's comments were themselves subjected to criticism from Polish twitter users, who suggested that Szymanski's viewpoint represents the position of the majority in Poles, even if they may have been made at a politically insensitive moment.  

A user named Lukasz angrily told Leicht that "believe me, we don't need your medals," with a user named Artur adding that the HRW official should "wipe ignorance off your face and get on with the human rights of the rightful citizens of EU.".......

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  1. Nach Anschlägen in Paris: Polen will keine Migranten mehr aufnehmen...

    Polen sieht sich nicht weiter imstande, seiner Pflicht zur Aufnahme von Migranten und Flüchtlingen nachzukommen. Der polnische Europaminister Konrad Szymański führte das auf die jüngsten Anschläge in Paris zurück.

    „Angesichts der tragischen Akte in Paris sehen wir keine politischen Möglichkeiten mehr, die Aufnahmevereinbarung umzusetzen“, zitiert die Nachrichtenagentur Reuters den Minister.

    Im September hatten die EU-Innenminister gegen den Widerstand Ungarns, Tschechiens, Rumäniens und der Slowakei eine Aufnahmequote für Flüchtlinge für die EU-Mitgliedsländer beschlossen. Die Flüchtlinge sollen abhängig von der Bevölkerungszahl des jeweiligen EU-Landes, von der Zahl der bereits aufgenommen Asylsuchenden, vom jeweiligen Bruttoinlandsprodukt und von der Arbeitslosenquote verteilt werden. Demnach sollte Polen 10.000 von den 160.000 aufzuteilenden Flüchtlingen aufnehmen.


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